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VRGC Safety Policy


The purpose of the VRGC Safe Shooting Program is to ensure that all shooters enjoy a safe recreational shooting experience while at the VRGC.  The attached safety rules are broken into separate sections for NRA safety rules, club rules, shotgun field rules, and rifle range rules.


Each current member will be required to read the safety rules and sign the agreement.  This is to ensure that everyone has a common understanding of the clubs safety rules.  Specific areas of training will be given as needed to current members based on their request or observed need.  New members will be required to attend a safety orientation and training program before being allowed to shoot and gain full membership.  Non-members will be required to shoot with safety certified members or under the direct supervision of a certified member.  Non-members will also be required to read the safety rules and sign the agreement.  A copy of the rules will be provided to each member with his or her club renewal.


The range safety officers and officers and members of the Board of Directors will be authorized to act as trainers for the purposes of certifying new members.  Other individuals may also be granted this responsibility based on the approval of the officers or Board of Directors or Chief Range Safety officer.  A copy of each signed agreement will be maintained and tracked in the membership database.  A current list of membership status and safety certification will be kept at the clubhouse desk.  


Starting in November, 2010 new members will be required to attend a safety orientation course to be given at VRGC.  The course will normally be given on the Sunday after the monthly meeting by an authorized instructor.  Upon successful completion of the training, the new member will be presented with his/her membership card with a validation stamp on the card to signify successful completion of the safety training.

Current members will have the safety rules forwarded to them first via email and asked to sign and date the safety agreement.  Current members will be offered safety training at any of the regular sessions or special sessions as can be arranged.  Each member will be responsible for ensuring his/her own compliance with the safety program.  Copies of the agreement will be maintained at the front desk of the club for current members to sign. This process for current members will begin immediately and continue through the membership renewal process.  Copies of the safety rules to be provided to current members each year with the member’s membership renewal.  Copies of the safety policy and rules will be maintained at the desk.

Agreement for printing is here (Word format).

The complete text of the safetey rules are here in web format (html).

Thank you for your cooperation and SAFE SHOOTING!

Use of the rifle range requires certification.

The NRA and Club Common Safety Rules are here in a Word document

The rules for use of the shotgun ranges are in a Word document here.

The rules for use of the rifle range are in a Word document here.

For more information about gun safety, check out the links below.